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Art Cards, Editions and Originals. All of this artwork is only 2.5 x 3.5"

Check the individual pieces to determine the availability of the Original or see current auctions HERE

Limited Edition ACEO prints are available for each. LE prints come signed and numbered in a clear sleeve.

This particular gallery is not in order by when they were created, but grouped by series. So there are newer works toward the bottom also, particularlly in the Miscellaneous and Commissioned ACEO sections.


Halloween Series

Stitched Trick or Treat Something Wicked


Fairy Tales Series

Briar Rose Alice Snow White Belle Red Riding Hood Rapunzel The Little Mermaid


Butterflies and Moths Series

Blue Morpho Robin Moth Monarch Luna Moth


Colors Series

Neon Tangerine Hot Magenta Peach Mint Mauve
Sky Viridian Violet Cobalt Crimson


Animals Series

Affection Stealth Feral Mischief Regal
Witching Hour Predatory ACEO Black Winter Day ACEO Kindred ACEO Fierce ACEO Foxy


Pretty Poisons Series - complete

Aconitum Oleander False Hellebore Opium Poppy
Bleeding Hearts Deadly Nightshade Hemlock Black Hellebore


The Garden Series -- Holiday Edition - complete

Pine Poinsettia Holly


The Garden Series - complete

Lotus Rose Orchid Daffodil Foxglove Gardenia
Calla Lily Forget-Me-Not Sweet Pea Amaryllis Tiger Lily Ivy


Mini Dragon Series

Blue Companion ACEO Shadow Dragon Coming Storm Dragon Angel Moonlit Companions The Demon Queen The Dragon Prince


Birthstones Series - complete

ACEO Opal Obsession ACEO Pearl Perfection ACEO Diamond Daze ACEO Aquamarine Appeal ACEO Garnet Gaze ACEO Turquoise Tease
ACEO Emerald Enchantment ACEO Amethyst Allure ACEO Peridot Peer ACEO Topaz Trance ACEO Ruby Regard ACEO Sapphire Stare


Miscellaneous ACEOs

Irish Magic The Secret Door ACEO ACEO Fae Magick ACEO the Golden Queen ACEO Black Rose Immortal ACEO Witchhunt ACEO Dark Prince ACEO Goblin King Gothic Rose ACEO


Commissioned ACEOs

Commission information

Black Swan Eternity English Garden Rhinanon Mina Gothic Moon Autumn Splendor SapphireAngel Alexias Fanhir ACEO Petals and Thorns



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